SEA Overland Travels Co., Ltd. (TAT Licence No. 14/01260) was set up in March 1987 in Bangkok to operate tours of Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries including the Mekong region countries. We have a team of experienced travel operators taking care of travels in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Yunnan (in southwestern China). Recently we have launched into providing budget tours for young travelers who wish to travel economically and with greater freedom rather than follow fixed package tours of the region.

How to Design your Trip with Us.

The prices on our website are set on standard tour. If you want a tailor-make tour, we can design your trip in Southeast Asia if you tell us what you want - the more details you give us the better we can devise the tour for you. Below are the things we should know to help you design your trip.

Your Arrival / Departure flight.

Inform us where your flight is landing and departing by giving us your flight detail if you already have it. This is important for starting the tourprogramme. We can then design the tour programme for you starting on that date. Time of the flights is important for us to arrange your tour programme well.

Where You Want to Visit?

Tell us where you want to visit and we will provide all necessary information.

Date of Tour

Let us know when you wish your tour to start and end. This will determine the tour price to be quoted to you.

What do you Wish to See and Do?

Besides the "must see" places we will put into your itinerary, tell us what special places or things you want to experience, and we will build these into your programme.

Your Category of the Tour ?

This is to enable us to give you the suitablehotel and transportation for your travels.

Number of Travellers

To book your hotel and transportation for the tour programmeand set the package price we should know the number of persons travelling together.

Tour Guide (Language)

Please inform us what language tour guide you want and we will inform you if we can provide.